Process & Self Discovery

I have finally completed a piece that I am somewhat satisfied with. This was also one of the most transformative ways I have ever worked which included many stages in the process. The result has been very rewarding and I think I am beginning to fine tune my voice as an artist. It started as my usual random sketch which I selected from an instagram post awhile back and then turned into a loose digital mock up which finally became the schematics for a mixed media frenzy that you see here. I guess you can say it went from software to hardware. I think the reason why I am content with this one is because it mixes all of the things I love most in visual art such as graphic design, portraiture, sketching, digital references, 3D architect modeling, patterns, and graffiti marks. I especially loved working with less with paint and more with  the hardware. One thing that stood out about the process was its similarity to cooking in that I needed to prepare the "ingredients" ahead of time which were the cuts and shapes that would later be applied to the final.  I call this piece "Notes" inspired by the different tones in music and mood. This will be the first of many to come. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

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Visual Arts Glossary

I have just added a reference guide of art vocabulary and definitions for new coming collectors, artists, curators, or some of us who simply wish to refresh our memory. This list is subject to editing since things are constantly changing in the field. Please feel free to contact me if you have suggested add ons.


New Studio!

Just recently landed my first work studio! Its small, but has just what I need to get work and studies done. I recently cleaned up the spot and added some of my own essentials. I've already broken it in this week with some graphic design, drawing, and painting. The work flow has improved so much since now all my tools are in one place. The best part is the large wood sliding doors which provide some great ventilation when I use spray paint. Below is a before and after pic. YEEEE!