'In Common' / LinkedIn San Francisco

This is a mural I completed for LinkedIn San Francisco. It is located on the first floor of their tower in the financial district so it is viewable at street level. This was a great project to work on because it was made for a space that partners underserved communities in SF with LinkedIn, allowing for gatherings, pop up shops, gallery exhibits and professional growth. I drew inspiration from the City of San Francisco’s residents, iconic signage, professionalism, and distinct color palette.
Shout out and thank you to LinkedIn D+B, Mikhael Banut, and everyone who helped to make this project happen.

Size: 20.5 feet wide x 10 feet high.
Location: 222 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94105

View a time lapse video of the making of this mural below. Also, please subscribe to my You Tube channel for more video updates.

Thinkspace Projects

Spring-Winter 2019
These are paintings made for Thinkspace Gallery’s 2019 exclusive group show invitationals. The exhibits are curated by them, across the U.S. and London. Stay tuned as I will be creating three more pieces in the next few months. Follow them or visit their website for purchasing info about these pieces.

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Handmade VS. Digital

What’s up everyone! Just wanted to share my latest digitally made additions to my ‘Type Face’ series. They were all created using Ipad Pro through an App called Procreate. I love using this platform just as much as I do making paintings by hand. For those of you that are thinking of trying it, I strongly urge that you do, but go into it with an open mind. Avoid trying to replicate hand painting or drawing. It is it’s own medium that that works very differently and if you learn it as a beginner like I did, then it will be fun to use. I like that I now have options to do both hand made and digital illustrations since some of my projects do not require a physical piece. However, my primary objective is the image, concept and publishing aspect. What medium I use, is a secondary objective to me, so if surface is your primary goal, this might not be a good direction.

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A,E,I,O,U & Sometimes Why

I am very excited to announce the completion of a public art project with the City of San Jose. I appreciate the opportunity and community support and hope that it serves to inspire residents in the surrounding area. Please visit if you can, details and location are below.

About: Public Art Project completed in June 2019. Consists of a mural commissioned by the City of San Jose, Office of Cultural Affairs. This was officially commemorated by Council Member Sergio Jimenez.
Size: 57 feet wide x 18 feet high (total 1,026 square feet).
Location: Edenvale Branch Library | 101 Branham Lane East San José, CA 95111
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Visual Rhymes

Some new pieces that originally started out as rough concepts for a mural but ultimately did not get used. I thought it would be fun to develop them anyway. They initially began as three figures throughout one canvas, but after that concept was declined, I decided to give each one their own space. Visual Rhyming in this case is having the same figure repeated through multiple canvas’, each with their own set of color, shapes, and skin tones. I thought the results were interesting and hopefully there will be time to further explore this approach.

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New Works | November 2018

Below are some pieces from November of 2018. Enjoy!
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New Video: 'Kid With Yellow Beanie'

Time Lapse of recently completed piece called ‘Kid With Yellow Beanie’. Please subscribe to my You Tube Channel for updates and to ask questions about my process.

Platform: Ipad Pro & Procreate App
Brushes Used: Bonobo Chalk, Hard Airbrush, & Pixel Brush
Additional Tools: Layer Mask, Quick Shape, and Alpha Lock

New Work: 'Luna'

Time Lapse of recently completed piece called ‘Luna’. Please subscribe to my You Tube Channel for updates. Comment there for any questions or tips.

'Crazy Eyes' - Time Lapse

Timelapse & process using Procreate & Ipad Pro.
Canvas Size: 4800 px X 4800 px Resolution: 300 dpi

Platform: Ipad Pro Procreate App
Brushes Used: Bonobo Chalk Hard Airbrush
Additional Tools: Layer Mask Quick Shape