20 Year Anniversary

Here is a piece I recently completed using gold paint as a base for Bishop on Bedford Gallery in Brooklyn N.Y. They are hosting a group art show curated by the legendary DJ Clark Kent for the 20th anniversary of Biggie's debut album 'Ready To Die'. This is my remix based on the original album cover. Will there be prints? Of course there will so stay tuned.

Type Face Wall 1

I recently decided to take my ongoing Type Face portrait series to the walls. Here is the first. These are part of my ongoing body of work involving mixed identity portraits. This time the emphasis is on juxtaposing different languages and typography. Enjoy!

Linked In SF

Here is a wall commission I painted at Linkedin San Francisco Offices. The wall spans 100 feet wide and the concept is based on a 'meeting of minds'. Enjoy!


Instagram @samrodriguezart

Lately I haven't been able to do as many sketches as I would like to because of project deadlines. But on a good week, you can catch a new sketch of mine almost daily via my instagram feed. I consider social media a modern day artist tool essential. The feedback and support is motivating and it's a fun way to explore different ideas. If you are interested in my process follow my instagram @samrodriguezart. What would be the point of making images if you weren't there to look at them?! Thanks for the support! 


Here is a piece I recently completed for Coltrane Curtis of Team Epiphany. Curtis, who is the son of one of my favorite musicians John Coltrane gave me the honor of portraying his son Ellington. In the spirit of creative experimentation such as the music of his father John, I decided to blend digital with hand made application. Hope you enjoy. 

Complex: Honorary Degree

Here is a recent project I did with Complex Online Mag for an article they wrote that looks 10 years back at Kanye West's career since his 'College Dropout' album release. The images were created for an animated digital cover. I love technology for this type of stuff! Here is the raw animation by Robert Hribernick. Big thanks to Art Director Brent Rollins! Also I have attached all the sketches worked on including the ones that didn't make the cut. Enjoy!

The Process...