Taste The Arts Event

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking a road trip down to Visalia California (Central California). I was invited by my long time friend and fellow artist Eric Gonzalez who heads an organization named Urbanist Collective. They contributed to a citywide event in Visalia that traditionally involves agricultural food tasting.

For this event Urbanist Collective was brought on to bring some new flavor to an old school show. So they curated a live outdoor mural jam involving local artists and others from all over California, including the Bay Area and L.A. My impression after making connections with some locals, fellow Yay Areans and Los Angelinos is that this event could become an annual midpoint destination for Californian creatives to jumpstart the works of the future. Here's a pic of my contribution, and a few of the many good folks I befriended during the process.

Thank you Eric and familia, Urbanist Collective, and the City of Visalia.