Wood Works 2

Yesterday I completed the first piece in many to come using 3D objects with paint marks to render a composition. It left me with more "what ifs" and a new list of possibilities. So far I am seeing this new work as a prototype for a monumental structure. I need to explore more wood and material options. The work is inspired by portraiture, typography, graffiti, design, and especially topography. The process as shown in the photos posted have helped me to become less attached to images I make. There is an important transformation that happens and each stage offers a problem. Solving it involves re-arranging a reference point at every single stage in the process. Starting from a sketch of a randomly selected internet search image, to a larger scale painting, and the final image, the image is constantly changing and unexpected. I intentionally use internet searches. We live in a digital age and something tells me I need to be exploring that, especially during the reference process. Stay tuned as more thoughts and process develop about this series. Thanks.

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Source: http://samrodriguezart.com

Recent Experiments

I recently completed this painting based on a sketch style that I've been wanting to develop. The portrait is still based on my original intent of experimentation using the face as a platform to combine different visual cues in identity. For me this piece was a breakthrough because I have finally come full circle in my artistic process since I included my experience acquired both in graffiti and at the academy. This was done through the use of material such as spray paint, streaks, markers, and abstract lettering which I incorporated through the face and head piece. For me, the fusion shown in this portrait is less about ethnicity, or culture but more about a combination of artistic time periods, expressions and techniques. The process itself involved so many different ingredients. I think I've finally found something that shows a true sync between my hand and mind.