Handmade VS. Digital

What’s up everyone! Just wanted to share my latest digitally made additions to my ‘Type Face’ series. They were all created using Ipad Pro through an App called Procreate. I love using this platform just as much as I do making paintings by hand. For those of you that are thinking of trying it, I strongly urge that you do, but go into it with an open mind. Avoid trying to replicate hand painting or drawing. It is it’s own medium that that works very differently and if you learn it as a beginner like I did, then it will be fun to use. I like that I now have options to do both hand made and digital illustrations since some of my projects do not require a physical piece. However, my primary objective is the image, concept and publishing aspect. What medium I use, is a secondary objective to me, so if surface is your primary goal, this might not be a good direction.

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