Paint it Forward

Upcoming show at Cass Contemporary gallery. Paint It Forward is a group show that asks established artists to pair up with emerging ones for the creation of new works. I used this opportunity to ask my wife Bu Nation to return to painting after a 6-year long hiatus. Below is what we submitted. 

Left Image: 'Neo Xicana' by Me
Right Image: 'Superstars & Refugees' by Bu Nation

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Visit Cass Contemporary by clicking HERE. Other participating established artists include...

Adam Caldwell | Alex Rosmarin | Bask | Beau Stanton | Buff Monster | Caroline Caldwell | Dave Thomas | Derek Gores | Eric Inkala | Greg Gossel | Gregory Siff | Hush | Jason Pulgarin | Jonny Alexander | Joram Roukes | Juan Travieso | Justin Bower | Kashink | Killer Acid | Low Bros | Mad Meg | Meggs | Pablo Benzo | Peter Van Tongeren | Reinier Gamboa | Sam Rodriguez | SEK | Sjaak Kooji | The London Police | Tom Thewes | Tristan Eaton |