About Ancient Aliens

These pieces are part of my ongoing 'Ancient Aliens' series. They are a remix of some of my favorite Star Wars characters inspired by ancient Azteca hieroglyphics. I have an ongoing interest in the mysteries of Ancient civilizations and speculations of whether they migrated from the cosmos to Earth. Sometimes I wonder what Ancient Hieroglyphics would communicate in present times. 

So far this series (Ancient Aliens) is in its early stages as I have just begun mixing and exploring current fashion, and culture with past Azteca Hieroglyphics. The Star Wars Remix happened because I've always been a fan of the films since my childhood and the new film release naturally reignited my interest. I thought it would be funny to combine mythical imagery from today with ancient times so the idea flowed perfect with my current Ancient Aliens series. I am heavily inspired by the process of DJ's, and Sound Engineers, I've always admired how they sampled bits of culture, and time periods to create new work. I think this can be explored so much more in visual arts. 

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