Type Faces Kickstarter


I just created a Kickstarter project!

I want to create 5 interactive pieces that would allow any of you out there to collaborate with me on my work by enabling the manipulation of some of the shapes, typography, and other visuals in my pieces. Please share and visit the link. Thank you!


About The Project

I created Type Faces as a way to combine typography and portraiture to discuss mixed identity. I want to develop this project to democratize my work and explore today's social, and cultural hybridity. 

With the help of viewers on social media and in person, I want to create an interactive series of 5 portraits that will allow them to collaborate with me by having the option to alter each one through movable shapes, typography, skin tones and other visual cues. This would be a public or gallery installation.

Each physical installation would be a 6 foot mixed media portrait painted on wood panels. The movable parts would be fabricated with wood materials similar to what you might find at interactive spaces for children. 

I would also like to create a digital book and set of post cards that document the portrait alterations by participants that I could then give them to keep and share.


Rep The Bay

The NBA finals are over and the Cavs have taken the prize. Congrats to them and what a great year it was to witness record breaking Warriors Basketball here in the Bay Area. Here are a couple illustrations I did with Under Armour Basketball in celebration. 

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Visionary MVP | Steph Curry

Here is a timelapse video of me drawing MVP champ, Steph Curry. This is also one of the newly released T-Shirts by Under Armour basketball in celebration of his award. The design is part of Under Armour's Steph Curry MVP Pack. You can purchase the tee and other related goods at their website: https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/men...

Calaka x Sam Rodriguez (New Indigenous)

Calaka is an indigenous brand based out of San José, California. I designed a capsule based on talks we had on the intersection of time periods, and mixtures in regards to native american identity. Many of us with Mexican descent, are mixed with native roots, some more than others. We use various labels to try and identify or make sense of who we are. Some labels we use include, Indigenous, Mestizo, Latino, First Nations, etc. Regardless of this, we carry pieces to a collective story of The People who lived in the Western Hemisphere prior to 1491 through the present. For this 'Type Face' concept I wanted the font design & eventual portrait to reflect some of these ideas.
Photo credit: Sam Rodriguez / Click images to enlarge.

Product Details
Adult & Youth Tees / Edition of 20 Prints / Signed & Certified / 13" x 13"

Under Armour Basketball x Sam Rodriguez

A collaboration between myself and Under Armour Basketball. We created a limited Steph Curry t-shirt design to accompany his '3C' shoe release at select U.S. Foot Locker stores. Unfortunately I don't know which stores have them, but I hear they are in most West Coast locations and a few in NYC. I am currently working on more designs with them which should release later in the year. Stay tuned!
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New Work

Here is my newest painting. 'Inflection' 36"x48" Mixed Media on Canvas.

New Works

Here is a couple of new pieces I recently completed. One of them, titled 'Ernesto', is my contribution to a group show in Atlanta hosted by Above Gallery