Timelapse Drawing: Call For Portraits

Here is a timelapse of a Call For Portraits I did on Instagram with @powwowworldwide. People were asked to comment and tag themselves or others for a chance to be drawn as a portrait.

We will be doing these regularly so stay tuned for updates. Also please Like and Subscribe my Youtube account: Sam Rodriguez Art for all my latest videos.

Iris Apfel

New work inspired by Iris Apfel for the new (in progress), Typefaces Bold Album.


New Wall | 'Xochitl'

Greetings everyone! Here is a wall I recently completed in Los Angeles that I call 'Xochitl', the word for flower in Nauhatl (Aztec language). It is located on the corner of Commonwealth Av. & 6th Street in Koreatown. I will let you process the image on your own but will point out some hidden cues, there are two vague symbols throughout her face. In her neck area, the image for Xochitl or Flower, and in the center of her face, the Korean character for that same word. 

This is the highest mural I have done to date, and although this photo looks peaceful, the process was hectic because it was in an active construction zone on a busy intersection which meant there were lots of stalls and obstacles. I'm happy we finished in time, and that it came out well. If you are in L.A. please visit, the wall is across the street from the Superior Court.


'Here & There' Wall & Event

New video about my recent wall project for Empire 7 Studios. Read more about our event for the mural below.
Video by: John Atomos

Words from Empire Seven Studios: Likening the murals to journalism, Artist Sam Rodriguez says, “When I think of murals, I think of outdoor books. This recent wall marks the first of many that I plan to do, which would depict the cultural landscape of San Jose through observations and interviews of its residents. This will result in pieces that could only be found in San Jose.” 

Rodriguez was assisted in the execution of the wall by community volunteers, which freed up Rodriquez to focus on the portraits and more technical aspects of the mural. “A lot of the people who helped out cared as much, if not more, about the painting than I did,” the artist says. “They held up the standards as I would for my own paintings.” Some of the youth involved in an intervention program (Teaching Adolescents Skills in the Community), who worked on the mural, came back after the mural was finished and proudly showed family members their work.

Friday, August 11 from 7:00-10:00pm, come celebrate the City of San Jose with the unveiling of its latest mural! Additionally, we will be featuring a solo exhibit of Sam's work within our gallery space!

7:00 – 7:30pm: Mural viewing and artist talk at the wall located on Kiem Laundromat (8th & Empire Street, one block from E7S)

7:30-10:00pm Celebration and Art Exhibit at Empire Seven Studios, 525 N 7th Street, San Jose, CA

Blvd Bombs - Lowriders
Music by Akro1 & Ambitious Outsider
El Taco Loco food truck

Our original moving date was delayed and we are still actively pushing our Go Fund Me campaign as we will have to move this fall. Significant funds are still needed to maintain the E7S mission and secure a permanent artists’ space. Please help spread the word https://www.gofundme.com/save-empire-seven

New Mural In San Jose, California

‘Here & There’ - New Wall on 8th & Empire Street in San Jose, California. 
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Recently, I completed the first of what I hope will be many projects here in my hometown of San Jose, California on 8th & Empire Streets. Juan Carlos Araujo of Empire Seven Studios partnered with me to manage it all, and also to gather assistance from neighbors, and local youth intervention service programs which made this a full on community involved Public Art Project.

Having just completed a solo show where I was asked to create pieces about San Francisco’s Mission District, I felt excited to come home and do something based on San Jose. Initially not knowing what that would be, I started out by revisiting this wall which I had painted years ago. Although this new piece was unfunded, Juan Carlos and I still felt the urge to get started on what we think could be an ongoing series. A lot of my work opportunities come from outside of San Jose, so it felt great to be here painting and receiving love from the neighbors, especially those who Bar B Qued for us!

On this wall, there is a portrait of my own daughter who goes to school nearby, and my friend’s daughter who lives a few blocks away. This recent wall marks the first of many that I plan to do which will depict the unique cultural landscape of San Jose through observations and interviews of its residents. My goal is to seek out actual neighborhood faces and elements—both past and present—by taking photos, observing each area and getting to know the individuals who live there. This will inform the content of the images, but more importantly, result in pieces that could only be found in San Jose.

Available Works | Studio Move

Greetings everyone! Some of you have inquired about available works for sale and I finally have had time to do some inventory at the studio. I am going to be moving soon, so right now is a good time to swoop up on some pieces at a good deal. Below are some that I have available. Click the images below to enlarge, and send me an email of the ones you would like.

Ships Internationally. Thank you!

Solo Show | Typefaces: Caras De La Misión

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Greetings! I am happy to announce my newest solo show, 'Typefaces: Caras De La Misión'! It has been about four years since my last one and I am glad it is being hosted here in the Bay Area, close to home. I was invited by Acción Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes Gallery, to do a location-specific version of my 'Typefaces' series about their neighborhood, San Francisco's Mission District. It was a challenge that has helped me to further realize my voice as an artist. Below is some information about the show, if you are in or around the SF Bay Area, please take some time out to see these in person and enjoy some good food around the neighborhood!

Acción Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes Gallery
2958 24th Street, San Francisco
Curator/Artist: Myself (Samuel Rodríguez)
Displays: June 3, 2017 – July 28, 2017

Words From Acción Latina: 

With his new exhibition Typefaces: Caras De La Misión San Jose-based visual artist and graphic designer Samuel Rodriguez depicts the unique cultural landscape of the Mission District via observations of people, their distinctive features and their surrounding environment. This exhibit is part of an ongoing portrait series called “Typefaces” which examines social and cultural hybridity through sampling and remixing visual cues that we use to process identity in faces, typography, fashion, and architecture. Caras de La Misión includes familiar neighborhood faces—both past and present—with tones reminiscent of the ‘80s and ‘90s-era Bay Area, and is dedicated to the resilient community of the Mission District. At a time of rapid gentrification and displacement, Caras de La Misión helps to forge a cultural bridge across the Bay Area, establishing a creative dialog between Latino communities in San Francisco and San Jose.

Join the Facebook event page for further information.

Below is a video by Accion Latina about the process of making the show.