Type Face Ambassadors   by Sam Rodriguez

Project Goals

  • Use ‘Type Face’ Portraits as a medium to illustrate contemporary culture. 'Type Faces' is a style of portraiture I have been developing that mixes Typography, Abstraction, and Cultural references. It is a culmination of samples used to illustrate mixed identity through ethnicity, fashion, language, sub-cultures or all of the above.
  • Choose 'Type Face Ambassadors'. Seek out inspiring individuals that are Changemakers through various interests such as, community non-profits, sports, tech, arts, fashion and more, to be illustrated as 'Type Face Ambassadors'. The goal is that the sum of these interesting individuals, will piece together a holistic perspective of our current time period. 
  • Do the series through mixed media and digital illustrations.
  • Document and Share the the process and story of 'Type Face Ambassadors' through video time lapse, & process photos.

Below are a few examples of 'Type Face' varieties that I have done. The factors of each piece are unique to each individual.

Process documentation and story excerpts will be paired with posts about what tools are used and viewer Q & A's.

Videos will be a staple of process documentation so viewers get a sense of how these portraits are being made. 

More examples of Type Face varieties. There are so many combinations that could be illustrated. Each individual brings on their unique set of ingredients.

I am excited to find out what visual stories may emerge from researching and seeking out ambassadors.

The physical likeness of each individual we portray will set the foundation. From there we will use visual information based on what what we have discovered about them such as Typography, Language, Fashion, or whatever may emerge through the process of learning. 


My name is Sam Rodriguez, and I am from San Jose, California. I have worked on public art projects, shown in museums, galleries, and illustrated for editorial publications. For a number of years I was self-taught through graffiti, until I later decided to expand my studies by pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts.